Suddenly experiencing issues printing from your HID FARGO Printer? It is likely related to the recent Windows 10 update. 

The update originally released in May 2019 impacts the HID Fargo print driver causing high-level print jobs to fall on deaf ears, or rather, card printers which never “get the memo” to print. For organizations in the midst of their busiest time of year, this could not have come at a more challenging time. 

The Impact of Windows 10 Update 1903 on HID Fargo Printers

Windows 10 update 1903 created an issue with all currently released HID FARGO ID card printer drivers. This impacts software’s ability to communicate with the printer. Users printing large batches of ID cards are left scratching their heads as the printer fails to respond. The good news is, the solution is relatively straightforward in most cases. In some cases, it is not…

Encoding with your HID Fargo Printer?

If you encode with your HID Fargo printer, you may just have to wait…wait for HID to implement a new driver for bi-directional communication from printer to software and back. 

HID Fargo currently offers an updated driver for the following printers: DTC4250E, DTC1250E, DTC4500E and HDP5000.

For support with downloading these new drivers, we are a quick call away. If you require fast support with your HID Fargo system, please contact us. A member of our team can help you find a solution. 

Just printing? We can help. 

As a preferred partner with HID, ADVANTIDGE offers unparalleled support with HID DTC and HDP printers–this Windows 10 update issue is no exception. Our team is in communication with HID and determined a quick solution that will have you up and running in no time. 

If you need fast expert support, contact our support team. We will help you find a better way.