For decades the security industry has offered visitor management solutions that were designed to run on established networks with Windows operating systems. Online, web-based visitor management is now available through AdvantIDge on a universal platform that can be accessed from any web enabled device. Organizations of any size can start tracking their visitors with minimal cost for behind the scenes infrastructure. With our newest solution you can pre-register visitors, send notifications by email, capture photos, check watch lists, sign NDAs, print badges and more, all from your phone or web browser.
  1. PRE-REGISTER VISITORS. Start by registering visitors online via a web browser. Select a host and schedule a meeting with date, time and location information. Send the meeting information via email to both the guest and the host for onsite meetings held at your facilities.
  2. REGISTER ON ARRIVAL & NOTIFY HOST. Allow visitors to sign in themselves and print their ID badge using a tablet. Notify the visitor’s host via e-mail or SMS when their visitor arrives. If a visitor has not been registered in advance, you may register them when they arrive.
  3. PRINT VISITOR BADGES. Using a simple label printer or full color hard card printer, you can issue professional ID badges with your in seconds so that your visitors understand that security is important at your facility. You can even capture photos using a webcam or camera on your phone. Crop photos to best fit the visitor badge along with your organizational branding.
  4. NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT. Draft your own NDA and require visitors approve it before signing in. You can personalize the NDA by populating the form with visitor and meeting information.
  5. CHECK WATCH LISTS. Check visitors against federal watch lists, criminal databases and sexual predator lists using one or more third party web-based screening systems that trigger an alert on a match.
  6. GENERATE EVACUATION REPORT. In the case of an emergency, the standard evacuation report can be quickly generated and printed or e-mailed to your security team.


System administrators will appreciate the simple management of this system with application:
  • Hosted and managed online
  • Accessible from any location / device
  • App for onsite visitor sign in
  • Unlimited hosts
  • Email support

AdvantIDge offers two decades of experience working with our most prestigious institutions to address security challenges with identification of visitors, contractors and employees. Please contact us at 800-965-5932 if your organization is looking to implement a better solution to address who comes onto your campus to insure safety and security of your people and assets.

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