When a multinational veterinarian association came to ADVANTIDGE for a comprehensive visitor management solution for their headquarters, we were ready to help them find a better way—both for their staff and the pets they care for. 

Corporate Profile:

With 24 years of experience, the veterinary association believes that veterinary medicine is best practiced when local vets craft their own approaches. As a result,  the association has partnered with 700 animal care organizations in countries like the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. The association supports each individual practice with sustainable growth while keeping their unique culture intact. 


The veterinary association’s headquarters in the Greater Los Angeles Area is the hub of their domestic and international efforts. With a fully operational veterinary center—patients and clients coming and going each day, and animals to protect and care for—understanding who is on-premises is vital. 

When the association’s office manager contacted ADVANTIDGE, they needed a solution to track the dozens of visitors setting foot in their facility each day. In addition, they needed experts who could support and train their staff on the new visitor system. 


The association chose ADVANTIDGE over the competition for a one-stop identity management solution. They needed the customized training and the expert on-site support unique to our consultative approach. 

Our identity management solutions expert and account manager, Sheril Smith, recommended HID’s EasyLobby SVM for its ease-of-use and impactful watch-list tracking. Because of our longstanding partnership with the product manufacturer, Sheril was able to connect the association’s team with HID to learn more about the intricacies of the EasyLobby software.

Onsite, our technical team worked with the association’s internal IT team to integrate their new visitor management solution. “We guided them through the whole process, with our expertise, from start to finish. Our technician went onsite to start the implementation and training,” Sheril said.

Upon completion, the association felt equipped, informed and confident in their new visitor management system. The seamless integration resulted in a more secure facility for their staff and the animals they care for.

Our team at ADVANTIDGE has decades of experience in identity management solutions, trusted relationships with top manufacturers and a deep understanding of the unique needs of our clients. Contact us today so we can help you find a better way.