Institutions of higher education are seeking reliable, scalable and cost-­effective solutions for producing secure ID badges on-­demand. These credentials come in many forms and can serve multiple purposes – from a simple photo identification (ID) card to smart cards that allow building and network access or cashless vending.

Start with Security.

Security concerns are ever on the rise and today’s college campuses are no exception. Many printing solutions can support a full range of visual and technical security elements that can help ensure that your university’s identities are always secure and tamper-­proof.

Assess Risks. A good place to begin to determine the appropriate level of credential security to implement, is to assess your risks. What would happen if credentials were compromised by counterfeiters and unauthorized parties gained access to the sensitive areas within your organization?

Hardware Security. Next, evaluate solutions that support a variety of security ID technologies. These can range from holographic overlaminates and more complex visual security features on a student or staff badge.

Flexibility. Selecting a secure issuance solution with hardware that can support a broad range of credential security measures ensures that your investment is modular and protected for technologies in the future.

Printer Security. Another often over-­looked aspect of a secure issuance solution is the security of the card printer itself using physical access control, mechanical locks and software to secure functionality. Using smart technologies, access can be limited to onsite only, keys for supplies replenishment plus network controls for driver configuration.

Electronic Security. Finally, electronic security should be in place such that operator access to each printer is controlled via personal identification numbers (PINs), encrypted data and multi factor authentication. Requiring these additional steps for verifying authorized access is essential to protecting the point of issuance for potential identity fraud.

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