Eco-Friendly ID cards and supplies are an easy, cost-effective way to set your business on a more sustainable path.

In 2020, more businesses are looking to foster greater sustainability than ever before. The more organizations are able to implement eco-responsible products and best practices into daily operations, the better the outcome for the planet in the long run. ID card printing supplies are a low-cost and impactful place to begin.

Here are five fantastic eco-friendly ID card printing supplies for companies looking to reduce the environmental footprint they leave behind:

1. Evolis Paper Cards:

As a company, Evolis has been committed to eco-responsibility for the last decade. From the eco-design of their ID card printers to the way they generate solar energy at their headquarters, Evolis sets the bar high for companies doing well for the planet as they continue to innovate greener products. Just this year, Evolis launched a line of paper cards to provide an alternative to plastic for short-term applications. 

These new, durable paper ID cards are made from cellulose wood fibers and are plastic-free. Available in blank white with a compatible monochrome ribbon, the biodegradable and recyclable PVC-alternative is compliant with ISO CR-80 standards. Their compatible ribbon and cards works in Zenius and Primacy card printer models. 

We recommend Evolis’ paper cards for short-term usages such as events, visitor identification, or luggage tags. They can also be used for gift cards or loyalty cards, and similar uses demanding low physical stress. 

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2. Bamboo Lanyards: 

Eco friendly ID Card

For organizations driven to reduce the number of plastics in landfills and oceans, bamboo is a durable alternative for lanyards. Most standard badge lanyards are made from plastic-based nylon, polypropylene or polyester which take between 20-40 years to decompose in a landfill. Bamboo is a cellulose fiber that is easily broken down in 6 months, preventing further environmental pollution. 

Bamboo lanyards are softer to the touch than plastic-based fabrics and maintain their durability. They come in a variety of vibrant colors and will make staff feel great about their organization’s commitment to sustainability.

3. Biodegradable ID Cards

Plastic card manufacturers have developed innovative ways to reduce environmental impact while maintaining the quality of their products. One great example is biodegradable ID cards. With patent-pending ingredients, petroleum-based PVC becomes a toxin-free material that breaks down in under five years. 

Best of all, the cards last as long as standard PVC, with the same high-quality appearance and printability. The biodegradation process begins only when the card is introduced to a fertile environment like compost, landfills, and even the ocean. All that is left behind is matter that can be easily worked into the soil or water with no toxic effect.

4. PureClear Badge Holders:

Protect your credentials while doing your part to protect the planet. PureClear badge holders are made with EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate), and are an earth-friendly material that contains fewer environmentally hazardous compositions than PVC. They are PVC, BPA and phthalates-free, creating a low-toxicity, durable alternative to standard plastic badge holders. Best of all, many have anti-print transfer technology that prevents ID imprints from sticking to holders. PureClear badge holders come in horizontal and vertical orientations in standard CR80  and larger event-size dimensions. 

5. Recycled PVC ID Cards:

Any plastics that do not end up in landfills and oceans is good news for the planet. Recycled PVC ID cards give used plastic a second life. Maintaining the same durability and quality as mainstream PVC CR80 blank cards, recycled ID cards can contain as much as 100% post-consumer recycled plastics, protecting the environment from further waste. 

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