Finding the fastest ID card printer that meets your specific application requirements can be a challenge. Your operating system, card technology, and durability requirements will all determine the type of printer suited to your organization.

With speed being a top factor in ID card issuance, several top manufacturers have created ID card printers that break the mold on fast throughput and rapid warm-up times. 

Here are the top three fastest ID card printers that will have your personalized ID credentials ready to go in a matter of seconds. 


FARGO HDP6600 – 16-second throughput 

HDP6600 Fastest ID Card Printer


If you are looking for the fastest ID card printer technology without sacrificing superior quality, look no further than FARGO. We voted HID Global’s FARGO HDP6600 our favorite printer for 2020 for its ability to print high-definition, full-color ID cards faster than any other in its class. As a cost-effective, energy-efficient and reliable solution to retransfer technology, FARGO’s most feature-rich ID credential printer can issue 230 full-color YMCK hi-resolutions cards per hour. 

FARGO HDP6600 has patent-pending iON™ technology for unparalleled printer readiness and intelligent temperature control. This facilitates quick startup times on a printer that can handle your biggest ID card printing jobs. 

In addition, HDP6600 now offers a wasteless lamination module upgrade for greater ID card durability. The throughput with overlaminate processing still comes in under 40 seconds per card. Even better, HDP6600 lamination has a smaller environmental footprint than its competitors, using less plastic and less energy than other modules of its kind. 


Zebra ZXP Series 7 – 300 color cards per hour 

Zebra ZXP 7 Fastest ID Card Printer


The ZXP Series 7 card printer improves productivity with exceptionally fast print speeds. Thanks to its rapid throughput, up to three jobs can be processed simultaneously: encoding, printing and laminating. This enables some of the fastest throughput for direct-to-card printers on the marketup to 300 photo-quality color cards per hour. 

Built to meet the needs of today’s demanding business environment, ZXP Series 7 is low maintenance and easy to integrate. Its high-capacity media, synchronized ribbon and laminate rolls, and simple ribbon loading make it one of the easiest ID card printers to use, adding to an efficient and fast printing process. 

Available upgrades and options include magnetic stripe encoding, contact and contactless smart card encoding, UHF RFID encoding, and wasteless single or dual lamination. 


Evolis Primacy – 225 full-color cards per hour

Evolis Primacy for Mac


Evolis Primacy is the fastest ID card printer compatible with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Primacy’s full-color direct-to-card printer can issue 225 single-sided cards per hour and 140 dual-sided cards per hour. 

With a large-capacity feeder, Primacy issues medium to large size batches and can efficiently handle some of the most demanding card printing programs.

Its compact, modern design makes it a perfect office card printer for print jobs ranging from the simplest to the most secure. Additionally, Primacy’s eco-design reduces energy consumption, making a more environmentally-friendly option for businesses looking to go green.

Bonus: Swiftcolor SCC 4400-D Oversized Credential Printer @ 3 seconds

Bigger credentials do not mean slower throughput with Swiftcolor’s Digital Inkjet technology. In fact, Swiftcolor SCC 4400-D Oversized Credential Printer is blazing fast, issuing a 3.5” x 5.5” full-color card in 2 seconds! The single-pass inkjet print-head technology prints in beautiful large-format cards in 1200 dpi.

Colorfully badge attendees for your sporting games, concerts, corporate events and more, faster than they can say “Swiftcolor.” 

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