Mobile Access ControlThe security landscape continues to evolve in new and complex ways. As we highlighted with the introduction of HID’s new smart card technology late last year. This evolution brings change on many levels, which offers an opportunity for improvement rather than an interruption or a distraction. This concept has never been more important as you face today’s combination of new technologies, escalating security threats and the need to derive greater value from the access control infrastructure while solving increasingly complex system integration challenges. AdvantIDge has three reasons to take a hard look at your current access control system:

  1. As a result of new legislation or regulatory requirements, an organization may be required to increase its security. Similarly, if a company acquires a new client needing a high level of safety, there may be requirements to improve access control. New building tenants may also trigger the need for greater building or campus security, either to protect the parent organization or to comply with the tenant’s requirements.
  2. The freedom to move access control to phones, tablets, wristbands, watches and other wearables offers choice and convenience to end users, along with new and more convenient ways to open doors and gates. Today, smart devices are always on hand. Users do not have to maintain and carry multiple RFID cards or keys. In parking garages or at driveway gates, for example, the longer reach of the Bluetooth Smart communications standard makes it possible to drive up to the gate without having to roll down the car window and reach out to activate a reader.
  3. Organizations need a platform that is flexible enough to support multiple applications for managing not only physical access (e.g. buildings) but for managing logical access (e.g. computer/software login, time and attendance, etc.) as well.

Organizations need not only support the requirements of today, but must also look ahead to the needs of tomorrow. The initial motivation to adopt a new standard of access control may be to improve security or to consolidate multiple locations under a single standard. Now is the time to use advances in access control to build a foundation for addressing unanticipated change and evolving security threats. Strong organizations will take full advantage of the opportunities that upgrading to a more modern solution affords.

The transition can actually be quite simple. Those organizations still using the old 1385 card format would simply transition to new 5106 format card. The reader mounted of the wall would need to be upgraded as well, but the new R40 readers use the same wiring and wall mounting, so the change is fast and simple.

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