By Brittney Carter 

ADVANTIDGE’s Customer Success Director shares insight on the value of a diverse workforce and how to successfully build an inclusive culture: empathy and listening. 

With ADVANTIDGE’s pledge to achieve workplace equality, our recent discoveries have led us to understand that diversity and inclusion are far beyond gender and race. Organizations, in recent years, are tasked with the responsibility to achieve better delivery of products and experiences. This is no easy foot for B2B businesses that are looking to grow and achieve a competitive business advantage.  

So some may ask, why is this important? Well, our answer is because it’s not enough to see different faces represented by brands, but it’s in the different voices, conversations, and ideas that we address the deeply rooted need to connect, identify solutions that align with individuals leading projects with specific objectives and be inspired to capture meaningful ways to articulate new products and services. 

Here at ADVANTIDGE, we take pride in creating a supportive, collaborative, and respectful environment for our employees; in turn, it empowers employees to be active participants and contributors. This is how our product solutions are developed- with differing education, personalities, skill sets, experiences and knowledge bases all coming together to align with our consistent commitment of “Finding a better way”.  

It’s our goal to continuously be a part of creating a more inclusive workforce. Here are a few methods we’ve adopted that have helped us create a diverse talent group in the Identity Management Solutions industry:

Proactively Getting to Know People 

Through our interview and hiring process, we make it a point to give our teams one-on-one facetime with our talent pool in both the hiring and onboarding process. Our approach is to first ask, listen, then respond which is also a part of our core beliefs – taking a consultative approach helps organizations get to know someone and if they feel ok giving opinions based on their experiences, or if their particular perspectives are received well. 

Empathetic Thought Leadership 

Diversity and inclusion are often treated as one process or initiative, but for adaptive change to happen, leaders need to understand the value of belonging – both intellectually and emotionally. Along with a sense of belonging, leaders must instill trust around their commitment to move and inspire innovative ideas. 

As we focus on the development of company culture; positive change is reinforced. It is a great pleasure to work in an organization where people not only enjoy each other but also bring a diverse pool of ideas, interests, and expertise. At the economic level, a well-developed culture brings dramatic, sustained increases in productivity and performance. Ultimately, it is our customers who benefit from a diverse and inclusive company culture – as by a strong foundation, comes strong service, and thus, customer success. 

Bio: Brittney is an experienced Executive and Customer Success Innovator that is passionate about user experiences within the digital space. As the current Customer Success Director at ADVANTIDGE, she is dedicated to ensuring positive outcomes for customers through intelligent life-cycle planning, marketing, and conversion metrics. With a strong business development focus, Brittney leverages the value of a diverse workforce through comprehensive thought leadership and works to propel the achievement of organizational goals to improve customer retention and profit enhancement. 

Learn more about Brittney and our team on our team page. For more thought leadership like this, follow us on LinkedIn. We look forward to helping you find a better way.