Until now, high volume applications requiring card personalization have been forced to choose between speed vs quality.  ADVANTIDGE can now offer clients the best of both with the new FARGO HDP6600 printer as a Professional Select Partner for HID. This is the sixth-generation retransfer printer from HID and introduces a completely re-engineered printing design. The HDP6600 is new from the ground up to achieve high-volume, high-quality printing, with lower printed cost per card and best-in-class energy efficiency. As a result, the new printer is expected to be less expensive to operate, easier for us to service and more flexible across a wider range of applications.

These breakthrough card throughput speeds are achieved by combining patent-pending iON™ “instant on” technology with other advancements to enable simultaneous film printing and card retransfer processes. This unique approach reduces the time it takes to print the first card to an industry-low 60 seconds, 2-3x faster than any other laminating model. This cuts average annual wait times by up to 20 hours for printed and laminated cards while enabling overall throughput of up to 230 cards per hour. ADVANTIDGE has offered the ION technology on previous models and the reliability is unmatched.

The new technology eliminates the need for continuous transfer roller heating, improving reliability while cutting energy usage. For large projects, utilizing the new printers is expected to save enterprise users thousands of dollars in annual energy costs.

Another benefit of the new HID FARGO printer is the image and color quality on each ID card. The HDP6600 printer’s true 600 DPI resolution and precision color panel registration enables sharper text, crisper barcode edges and more vibrant colors than possible with other products that use dithering techniques that can only approximate this image quality. Regardless of the software your organization uses to manage card issuance, ADVANTIDGE offers a variety of professional services to insure you get the expected output and support for your secure badging application.

The HDP6600 uses a multi-tasking architecture supported by a 1 gigabyte of memory to help enable its faster card throughput speeds, an industry first. The long list of field-upgradable modules include card flattener, dual-side flipper, and choice of magnetic, contact and contactless encoders plus a programmer option for encoding physical access control system data.

If your organization is struggling to meet the high expectations for speed vs quality, contact the expert team at ADVANTIDGE for an in depth analysis of your current process or upcoming project.