What is the best ID printer for 2020? Our team shares their top pick for the year ahead.

We asked our team of ID printing experts to share their pick for the best ID card printer system for 2020. Unanimously, they agreed that one printer delivered superior ID printing quality ideal for a range of markets and applications. 


As technology advances, so do organizations’ need for speed and adaptability. Fast, innovative, feature-rich and reliable―the HID FARGO®  HDP6600 sets the new standard in retransfer printing.  

The Best ID Printer 2020

Speed Meets Quality

ADVANTIDGE’s Business Leader, Lawrence Grafstein, picked the HDP6600 as the best ID card printer for 2020 for several reasons:

“The HDP6600 is likely to be our primary recommendation for some time. It is blazing fast for print speed on a per-card basis but also for the first card of the day with minimal warm up time. This speed doesn’t come at the sacrifice of quality: it also prints hi-res 600 dpi.”

HDP6600 can print up to 230 high-resolution cards per hour. Fargo has a patent pending for their iON™ technology which boasts unparalleled printer readiness and intelligent temperature control.

Secure Card Durability

Edge-to-edge retransfer technology creates secure, durable cards that look great and outlast other ID card printing technology. 

The newly released 6600 lamination provides a wasteless solution that increases card durability, protecting printed ID cards for years to come. 

Even better, the new HDP6600 lamination module helps to cut high-volume lamination materials costs by up to 40%.

Scalable, Adaptable, Reliable

Built on six generations of trusted retransfer technology, the HDP6600 offers the versatility to meet your card application needs today and for the future.

HDP6600 card encoding modules enable organizations to save time and money when producing secure credentials through a one-step, inline process.

With inline card personalization, users have greater flexibility and control over their card procurement and issuance processes. 

For high-yield consumable use, HDP6600 has an optional 200 card hopper to support large-scale print jobs. 


Only the HID FARGO®  HDP6600 offers:

Best Market Fit:

The FARGO® HDP6600 from HID Global is perfect for organizations of all sizes requiring regular issuance of cards at high speeds or secure and durable, high definition IDs.

To learn how HDP6600 can serve your organization, please contact us. We will help you find a better way.