Visitor ManagementVisitor Management refers to the act of processing and monitoring visitors to a facility and generating reports that summarize this activity. A typical visitor management system would include a number of different of pieces; an ID badge printer, card design software for issuance and any appropriate accessories. That only gets an ID badge into someone’s hands though. Then a set of readers and access controls, all managed by a comprehensive access control software that links it all together. All of the parts needs to work seamlessly in order to be effective.

Industries from healthcare to education are searching for a comprehensive Visitor Management tool to keep their facilities secure. These systems help insure the organization of their resources and the safety of their clients. Without these systems “up” and always in place they companies themselves would have to close their doors in a short amount of time.

The linchpin of a system of this type is definitely the visitor management software itself. There are a number of different titles available from a variety of manufacturers. Easy Lobby, Lobbytrack and Passagepoint softwares are all leading titles in the field. All offer a variety of different versions at different price points; highlighting various features  tailor made for various applications. The number of options alone can make the right decision daunting, even for experienced IT professionals.

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