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DigitalPersona Secure Multi-Factor Authentication

December 11, 2020 • , , , ,

ADVANTIDGE supports multiple MFA solutions including HID DigitalPersona to provide authentication services to users. Whereas traditional 2FA/MFA solutions are stuck on “what you have/what you...

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HID ActivID® Secure Multi-Factor Authentication

December 10, 2020 • , , ,

ADVANTIDGE supports multiple MFA solutions including HID ActivID® which is chosen by enterprise organizations and government entities to secure access for authorized users to their...

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Understanding compliance for NIST SP800-171

August 2, 2017 • , , , , ,

In today's world of technology, the need for strong security measures to protect sensitive government data from hackers has never been a higher priority. To...

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HID ActivID® ActivClient 7.1 Update for Windows 10

May 24, 2017 • , , ,

ADVANTIDGE is proud to offer a complete solution for multi-factor authentication that meets NIST 800 171 standards. The ActivID solution includes software, support and Genuine...

Press Releases

Multi-Factor Authentication Requirement NIST SP 800-171

January 3, 2017 • , , , , ,

Hackers are getting smarter every day. Cyber threats and security breaches have progressed to the point where passwords are no longer considered sufficient to protect...