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Secure ID Card Printing Guide

May 29, 2017 • , ,

This white paper is intended as a reference for government officials considering technologies available for issuing secure ID cards. There are three major components of...

Tips & Tricks

Security Features For ID Cards

December 7, 2016 • , , , ,

There are many different security features that should be considered when printing text on a blank ID card doesn't provide sufficient security. Some of these...


Card Security…KICK IT UP A NOTCH

January 8, 2016 • , ,

 Advantidge works with companies of all sizes to provide added security to their ID cards. In years past only large organizations and government entities could...

Press Releases

New Visual Security vanGO from HID Global

July 30, 2015 • , ,

AdvantIDge, in Partnership with HID Global, Launches vanGO, Industry’s First One-2-One Visual Security Solution to Eliminate Counterfeit Cards; Industry’s first One-2-One visual security solution to...

Product News

Custom Hologram Technology Now Available from Zebra

June 4, 2015 • , , , , ,

AdvantIDge, in partnership with Zebra Printer Technologies, is pleased to announce another option to their already fantastic lineup of options to help with any of...

Industries Served

Security Access Control ID Badges & ID Card Systems

April 19, 2014 • , , , , , , ,

Almost every industry today and organizations of all sizes rely on professional photo ID systems to create highly secure identification cards for their employees, guests,...

Industries Served

Military ID Badges

April 19, 2014 • , , , , , , ,

The United States military utilizes multi-functioning Identification Cards featuring advanced technologies that provide numerous solutions for high security military ID applications. Barcodes, magnetic name badges, smart...

Industries Served

Membership ID Badges

April 19, 2014 • , , , , , , ,

Members-only facilities and organizations such as fitness gyms, yoga studios, community centers and medical dispensaries require secure membership ID cards for their clients, to ensure that...

Industries Served

Law Enforcement ID Badges

April 19, 2014 • , ,

With numerous states requiring all law enforcement and peace officers to carry secure identification cards, Advantidge provides plastic ID card printing solutions! The specifications outlined...

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Entertainment & Event ID Badges

April 19, 2014 • , ,

With the advances in both point-of-sale POS and handheld and mobile ID applications the use of hard identification cards at entertainment venues has become increasingly...