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Price Tag Solution for Plastic Food Labels adds even more features!

Sunday, February 25th, 2018

New software features offer greater possibilities

The enhanced price tag and food labeling solution now includes these new features:


  • Print more than one image or price on your tags
    Use images to share additional consumer information instead of text with Edikio software’s multiple image management.
  • Display two variable price fields on a tag
    Add additional price fields to display the price per unit, kilogram or sale price.
  • Manage layouts over several computers
    Export your Edikio item list and/or layouts and import them into several shops’ computer systems, for example.
  • Print dual-sided tags with the Access or Flex systems
    Don’t worry. It’s easy. We instruct customers as to how to flip cards correctly, ensuring that there is no waste by printing them manually. Available from the Standard edition of Edikio.
  • Reorganize product categories due to evolving requirements
    Move items from one category to another to keep your item list and categories organized at all times.
  • Use on computers that don’t have an internet connection
    Edikio gives customers the opportunity to activate their software license for an offline computer.
  • Print tags from other applications while utilizing Edikio layouts
    Use the Edikio software “silent mode” option to print Edikio designed layouts, by utilizing command lines.

And More:


  • More price presets and currencies are available in the design view.
  • The “Undo/Redo” option allows for the cancellation of any action performed in your item list or on your layout design.

Improved Retail Sales with Plastic Price Tag and Food Label Solutions

Thursday, December 7th, 2017

Say goodbye to handwritten tags and stop wasting time printing onto paper and then laminating it! Join thousands of users who already benefit from our solutions: save time by printing attractive price tags on plastic cards in a few seconds. Now more than ever, retail businesses are focused on providing a better experience for their in store customers to win back the explosion of e-commerce sales!


Give your shelves a facelift with consistent, fully customizable price tags.


Update and print your tags yourself on demand, in under 10 seconds and directly at store location.


Easily display all the mandatory consumer information: origin, price, unit of measurement, ingredients, allergens, etc.


The plastic material is hygienic, easy to clean, food-contact compliant, and adapts perfectly to cold and humidity.

All-In-One Solution for multiple business models

  • Bakeries
  • Butcher Shops
  • Catering Companies
  • Cheese Counters
  • Delicatessen Counters
  • Fish Shops
  • Florists
  • Hotels
  • Meat Counters
  • Pastry Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Supermarkets
  • Wine Shops

Edikio offers everything you need to create attractive price tags quickly, efficiently, and economically directly at your points of sale. Our kits contain everything required to create and print your own price tags:

  • Price tag printers: single-sided or double-sided printing on long cards
  • Software for creating and printing price tags
  • Food contact compatible consumables (PVC cards and printer ribbons)
  • Three Kits to choose from: Edikio Access, Edikio Flex and Edikio Duplex

Contact us for more details to win back customers from the e-commerce giants, increase sales per in store customer, improve product awareness to window shoppers and increase foot traffic with better price tags and food labels!