Is Your Legacy Technology Preventing You From Achieving FINRA Compliance?

March 23, 2022 • , , ,

As cyber attacks and security breaches continue to evolve and escalate, businesses across industries are required to update their security measures to parallel the growing...


Enterprise Security Solutions To Protect Your Corporate Workforce

January 21, 2022 • , ,

As more businesses reopen their doors to employees and customers, IT is challenged with maintaining security and compliance across multiple fronts. As the business world...

Industries Served

Advances in Proximity Card Readers Save Time and Money

May 30, 2017 • , , , ,

Healthcare facilities continue to see an increase in the number of individuals seeking treatment, requiring staff to take on more responsibilities. Every minute that can...

Press Releases

Announcing the New Nano Horizontal Prox Reader

May 30, 2017 • , , , ,

It’s never been easier for mobile workers on-the-go to comply with authentication and access policies with new prox reader models. AdvantIDge is excited to introduce the...


IoT – Internet of Things

November 10, 2016 • , , , ,

One up-and-coming term that is used in a wide variety of industries is IoT. This is the inter-networking of physical devices, vehicles (also referred to...

Case Studies

Security Solutions For The Greater Los Angeles Area

November 9, 2016 • , , , ,

The Greater Los Angeles Area encompasses 4,751 square miles, with a population of over 10 million people. Within this landmass is a booming number of businesses...

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HID iCLASS SEOS Card – Superior Data Integrity & Privacy Protection

November 3, 2016 • , , , ,

HID Global’s iCLASS SEOS contactless smart cards give you the ability to carry dual identities in a single card, offering a true one card solution for physical...

Case Studies

Real Estate Company Seeks Reliable Supplier of ID Products

November 2, 2016 • , , , ,

A privately held real estate firm of collaborative entrepreneurs who deliver a higher level of personalized service recently contacted ADVANTIDGE. The company was founded in...

Product News

HID Global Product Lifecycle Notification

October 3, 2016 • , , , ,

AdvantIDge, in partnership with HID Global, is committed to providing the highest quality physical access control solutions to our customers. The HID Global process for...

Press Releases

Access Control Product Lifecycle Notification

August 3, 2016 • , , , ,

AdvantIDge is committed to providing the highest quality physical access control solutions to our customers. HID Global, an AdvantIDge partner in access control products is...