swiftcolor suppliesThe SwiftColor Oversized ID card printer features single pass efficiency for the printing of high quality 3.5” x 5.5” oversized ID cards, with 1200 dpi resolution. Oversized ID badges work great for large events, entertainment venues, health care organizations, festivals, pro sports teams, high end awards shows, conventions, educational summits and more!

The SCC-4000D oversized credential printer is an important addition to the ID card printing market, because no pre-printing is required. Other oversized ID card printers require pre-printing cards in order to completely cover their surface, but the SwiftColor prints full color across an entire ID card surface on the spot. Additionally the SCC-4000D prints each card in seconds and ink cartridges go a long way before needing to be replaced, reducing the number of times SwiftColor supplies need to be purchased.

The SCC-4000D works great for many applications in addition to printing oversized ID badges. Below is a list of recommended SwiftColor support items including blank cards, ink and videos for set up and use.

Replacement Ink Cartidges:

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