Anyone who has onboarded a new employee knows that the paperwork can feel endless. And eventually processing payroll for employees only adds to the workload. Imagine if your business was to hire new people everyday, to process their information and track their payments? That is exactly what a staffing agency does, and one can understand how important efficiency is for them. Recently, a local staffing agency came to ADVANTIDGE needing a solution for tracking hundreds of employees across many different job locations.

The Problem:

This staffing agency came to us overwhelmed with requirement to track their new recruits during working hours. The employers with whom they had been place required regular reporting which this agency’s current system could not provide automatically.

The Challenge:

ADVANTIDGE identified the unique needs of this staffing agency through a  phone consultation. What we learned was they needed to be able to print ID cards onsite and to issue cards quickly so that new hires could report to work. In addition, they needed a system which tracked their work hours, so they could be payed accurately. Some employers required an extra level of security onsite, and printed ID badges served this purpose.

The Solution:

Issuance of personalized employee ID cards:

When the process of creating an employee ID card is finished, it is often times given to new employees on the spot, and the new hire can immediately report to his/her supervisor to begin work. Included on the employee ID cards are barcodes, which is swiped into a card reader when someone hired through the staffing agency is reporting to work. This identification card printer is also able to print a unique sign-in number for employees directly onto the card so that the card can have the option of being swiped as well as provide a number for a manual time-clock entry done by keypad. By purchasing the appropriate products for the employee ID card system from ADVANTIDGE, the amount of time required for to the entire ID card creation process is quite small.

Once the new employee reports to a supervisor, the location where to slide employee ID cards. This action is what tracks his signing in/out for work, and keeps track of when they are at work. The other purpose of the card is to be able to identify the employees while they are at work. For some businesses,  these cards must be shown in order to get into parking lots, as well as to access restricted areas.

ADVANTIDGE offers a wide variety of all of the card printer systems, or other visitor management devices, to fill any of your asset tracking, visitor management, or identification card needs. From card printers and supplies for issuance, through to badge clips and other peripherals to put them into your users hands.

With more than 40 years of combined industry experience, we’re ready to help you achieve your identification goals. For specific information please contact us.