Secure Access Control ID Card System

Almost every industry today and organizations of all sizes rely on professional photo ID systems to create highly secure identification cards for their employees, guests, or patrons.

Gaming, Retail, Restaurant and Grocery, and Gym industries as well as corporate businesses, the military, law enforcement and the healthcare industry can all benefit from implementing an Advantidge ID Security System featuring a personalizing plastic ID card printer.

Access control at the building entries of clubs, private members-only locales and corporate offices can be maintained and controlled with the use of smart card technologies within ID cards.

Proximity cards and smart cards that are read by a smart card reader allow entry only to those cardholders who have been authorized for entry. These types of technology cards cannot easily be fraudulently replicated like regular PVC ID cards, and so ensure a further layer of protection for organizations.

There are a variety of ways to help ensure the authenticity of your plastic cards and to reduce the chances of fraudulent reproduction. Although no single type of card technology is 100% secure, employing a combination of security measures, such as embedded holographic ID card foils, ghost images, UV text or lamination can enhance the effectiveness of your card security.

An advanced level of visual verification in ID cards can be achieved with the use of holographic foils and holographic ID card overlaminates, which are embedded directly into cards or applied to their surface. Using holographic foils and overlaminates on ID cards serves to add a layer of visual security, while also protecting them against fraudulent duplications plus wear and tear.

Holographic overlaminates can be made with standard off-the-shelf holographic designs, or with custom ID holograms for one-of-a-kind security. Contact Advantidge today at 800-965-5932 to learn more about your custom holographic design options!

See here for more information on the types of ID cards used in secure applications.

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