A healthcare security ID card system can help prevent security breaches in a healthcare facility, as well as increase the safety of the premises overall. These public spaces can see up to hundreds, or even thousands of visitors each day, so knowing the identity of each person on site, at all times, as well as their purpose in being there can help reduce the security risks associated with public healthcare facilities. A safe and secure environment will contribute to the quality of care a healthcare facility provides to the public.

An access control system that verifies the identities and whereabouts of all employees, visitors and patients within a healthcare facility, and controls where they can and can’t go within it, keeps these high-volume and sometimes chaotic places organized and under control. Certain areas within a healthcare facility may be off-limits to the general public, or even to some employees. Such areas can be secured with a locked door entry way access control system that will only grant access to persons with authorized credentials. Anyone attempting to enter a secured space without these required credentials will not be allowed in. Doors leading to restricted areas can be equipped with access control hardware, including a video surveillance system with or without audio capabilities, depending on the level of security required. For the most high-risk areas, biometric authentication technologies and on-screen identity verification methods can be used together with regular ID card scanning, in order to provide the maximum of security to the most highly restricted areas.

Secure healthcare facility areas may include areas housing medical equipment, drugs and other high-value items, emergency treatment areas, intensive care units, mental health areas, pediatric units, newborn nurseries, recovery rooms, nursing offices, staff locker rooms, storage and distribution locations, food preparation areas, sterile corridors, research laboratories and more.

Combine multiple technologies and ID card applications in a single ID card for your healthcare facility. One employee ID badge could serve to open secured doors, access computers and locked cabinets, make purchases at cafeterias, enter secured elevators, etc, while a patient ID card could provide quick registration at a clinic, and also be used as a member ID card for insurance and use at pharmacies or stores within a network. Time-sensitive visitor ID badges that visibly expire after a pre-arranged period of time, such as 2 hours, 6 hours, 1 week, etc, limit the places a visitor has access to within a healthcare facility, as well as the amount of time they can spend there, and ID badges identifying doctors, nurses and other staff can be created to track their movements throughout a facility, as well as present them to the public as working professionals. All of these various healthcare ID cards can be created and printed on-site with a professional ID card printer. Additional security and tamper-resistance can be added with ID card overlaminates, preprinted ID card security features, bar codes, magnetic stripes, RFID technologies and custom holograms.

Healthcare Security ID Card Systems can be used for:

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