Student Travel ID Cards

Most schools at the elementary school level do not currently provide their students with ID cards due to child safety and security concerns. However in regions with large immigrant populations it is common for school photographers to provide students with photo ID cards for use in interstate travels on school vacations.

To meet the needs of local communities, many school photography studios offer parents a springtime promotion on student travel photo ID cards before the summer travel season begins. These ID cards use the same data and photos taken during the fall student photo ID card season, and simply require the design of a new ID card template suitable for this application, and the printing of the cards using an inhouse ID card printer.

In addition to providing a valuable service to clients, the creation and sale of student travel ID cards is a proven solution for increasing photography studio revenue streams during school ID card printing off seasons. These travel ID cards typically sell for $5 to $10 each and when purchasing ID card printing supplies from Advantidge you can expect your cost to be well under $.50 per card.

For more information about creating travel ID cards for your clients please contact one of our Photographer Channel Experts at 800-965-5932 or email us at [email protected]. We offer excellent customer service and look forward to hearing from you!