School Photographer ID Card SystemWith hundreds of school photographers and labs working with Advantidge year after year, we are proud to serve your community and play an integral role in the success of your organization when it comes to ID card printing. We have long standing relationships with the top manufacturers serving the school photography industry and expect to develop the same relationship with you and your team.

For those of you doing onsite ID badge issuance who are tired of low end webcams, count on Advantidge to provide a high quality solution that meets your expectations. For less than $300 you can get a current High Resolution Color Housed Digital ID Camera + Lens along with custom driver that provides direct connection via twain so you or your client don’t have to deal with slow, low quality web cams or search through folders to find the right pictures for the right student. Digital ID Camera

Hands down we provide the best service in both pre- and post-sales support for our photographers, whether they are in the field issuing ID badges or back at the office printing photo ID cards in batch mode with an ID card system. Our team is intimately familiar with the unique needs of photographers and our organization is configured with the specific goal of serving you during the busy season from Summer to Fall, when universities and K-12 schools are registering their students for the year.

While most clients are simply looking for the cheapest and easiest solution to issue student ID cards for their school clients, many have discovered that there are other opportunities to utilize the same ID card printing equipment for profitable add-ons to a variety of other markets already served.

School Photographey ID Card System Additional Uses include:

At Advantidge we know how to help you focus on what matters most and promise to add value to your organization to increase your profitability, whether it’s cutting costs or breaking into new products and/or markets.

School Photography clients are handled by Lawrence Grafstein who brings over a decade of experience in the ID industry serving photographers and labs just like yours. Lawrence can always be reached by telephone on direct line 310-531-8767 or by email at [email protected]. Thanks in advance for the opportunity to work together!