Why scan visitor IDs during check-in? Even organizations with low to moderate security needs can benefit greatly from scanning their visitor’s government-issued ID cards. Here’s how…

The more that is at stake when it comes to security, the more parameters are required to ensure certain visitors are who they claim to be. For organizations protecting students, patients, or highly sensitive data, visitor identification may need to be cross-referenced with government watch lists. Having a visitor management system that scans government-issued ID cards solves this problem for many organizations. 

But what about for businesses that don’t require a high level of security? Why would these scanning visitor IDs have for them?

Integrating an ID scanner into the visitor management process will greatly benefit organizations with low to moderate security needs in several ways:

Create More Efficiency

Capture all the vital data needed from visitors in seconds by scanning their identification. Once captured, this data can then be used to send a notification to the host that their visitor has arrived. At the same time, front desk administrators can print an ID badge and register visitor information into a database, all in under 20 seconds with software like EasyLobby SVM

Achieve Greater Accuracy

By eliminating manual entry through the ID scanning process, you eliminate room for human error. Using an ID scanner, you can quickly pull information about your visitor without typing a single word. This reduces the errors and ensures consistency, all while speeding up the check-in process. 

Look Like a Professional

The check-in process is the first experience visitors have at your organization. For this reason, the streamlined data capture that ID scanning offers creates the professional image your organization needs.

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