There are several options available on the market today for rewritable ID card printers that are able to rewrite or re-print the text on ID badges. This technology is often used for temporary or short-term use ID card applications, such as visitor ID badges.

While rewritable ID card printing technology is an exciting development, there are several issues that make it a less-than-perfect solution for all ID badge applications.

Read on to see if rewritable ID card printing is the right solution for you:

1. Rewritable ID cards can be expensive, around $2 per card, and after being rewritten several times must be replaced. For significantly less money you can use regular white PVC ID cards (for less than $.10 each) for your ID card printing.
2. If card users don’t return their rewritable ID cards after they have used them, there will be no reuse benefit available. When using rewritable ID cards, operators must make sure they get back the rewritable cards, in order to receive the benefit of being able to re-use them again.
3. The ink printed on rewritable ID cards is “free”, but is a monochrome blue/grey color. Most people prefer the look of crisp black text for monochrome ID cards and when printing with regular ID card printers black monochrome ink ribbons can cost as little as $.01-.03 each, depending on which printer is used.
4. The printing on rewritable ID cards is not intended to be permanent, and so fades quickly with time. Regular monochrome black ID card printer ribbon ink is very durable and does not fade.
5. Rewritable ID card printers can only print rewritable ID cards, and cannot be repurposed later to perform monochrome black or full color ID card printing if users’ needs should change.

Non-rewrite options for temporary visitor ID badge solutions:

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