AdvantIDge has exciting new ways to make use of your existing proximity access control system. pcProx Presence Detectors are designed for customers seeking to protect and secure private information from intrusion of unattended or unlocked computers. pcProx Presence Detectors, from RFIdeas, solve security risks and privacy concerns with unattended computers, workstations, and other sensitive equipment. By being in the right area your employees can be automatically logged in and out to configured workstations automatically, adding a whole new level of safety and security to your organization. Here are AdvantIDge’s recommendations  for the best ways to make this option part of your organization’s system.

pcProx Sonar

prProx SonarThe plug-and-play pcProx Sonar solves security risks and privacy concerns with unattended computers without requiring additional software or user action. This solution is a presence detector, not a badge reader. When a user steps away from the computer, the product automatically locks the computer. It detects a user’s presence so the computer will not lock until the user physically steps away, avoiding awkward time-out settings.

The Sonar easily attaches to the PC via a USB port and emulates a keyboard device. This operating mode allows it to send individual keystrokes and delays to be defined by the user. The pcProx Sonar contains configurable flash memory which holds user definable keystrokes, delays, settings, and trigger distance (2–5ft.).

pcProx Mat

prProx MatThe pressure sensitive pcProx Mat eliminates the security risks and privacy concerns associated by automatically securing a workstation based on user presence. The mat is designed to be positioned in front of workstations or kiosks, where a user would normally sit or stand. Using pressure sensitive technology, the pcProx Mat is able to automatically detect user presence and enable both logon and logoff capabilities. Upon a user’s arrival, the pcProx Mat can be configured to automatically open a logon window to the workstation. Once the user walks away, the mat will then automatically lock the workstation until the next user. By automating the logon/logoff process, the pcProx Mat easily enforces company security policies while providing a cost and energy saving solution.

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