In the wrong hands, your employees’ proximity ID cards are a major liability. It’s easier than ever before to clone prox cards, physical access control’s current weakest link for security.

Visit Rite-Aid on National Blvd, a few blocks from one of LA’s busiest freeways, and you’ll notice a bright yellow kiosk with “COPY KEYS” in all bold font. KeyMe is a fast and convenient way for you, or anyone, to clone everything from pool keys to parking garage fobs… even your “secure” office key card.

Modern conveniences like KeyMe are helpful only when in the right hands. In the wrong hands, they are a major risk for any organization depending on proximity cards, or “prox” cards, to secure their facility. 

KeyMe Kiosk Duplicates Prox Cards

Unauthorized Keycard Cloning is Easier (and Cheaper) Than Ever

In addition to easily accessible KeyMe kiosks, cheap cloning devices can be purchased on Amazon like the Keysy device for under $50. In seconds, you can duplicate any low-frequency 125 kHz RFID fob or key card.

Over the past decade, low-frequency proximity cards have become increasingly vulnerable to unauthorized duplication. Because of this, our team at ADVANTIDGE encourages all of our clients needing a moderate to a high level of security to adopt a safer credential technology. 

A Solution to Unsecured Prox Cards

Because of innovations in modern contactless smart card technology, there are better ways to secure your facility’s keycard access control system. Companies like HID have developed and refined secure solutions to vulnerable low-frequency proximity systems. This adaptable smart card solution employs an advanced encryption technology, making duplication virtually impossible through mainstream cloning devices like KeyMe or Keysy. 

For organizations with stringent security requirements, start your migration to a smart card solution today. With 20 years of industry expertise, we have supported organizations large and small with seamless migrations custom-tailored to their unique applications. 

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