Visitor Management

What is Visitor Management Software?

Do you know who will be visiting your facility today? How long will they spend in your building? Are they authorized to enter your facility? Visitor management plays an important role in company security, but it can be difficult to administer. Luckily, visitor management software can help!

Visitor management software is ideal for businesses that are looking for an advanced system used for managing visitors. It allows you to quickly and easily badge visitors, contractors, and temporary employees electronically. You can sign-in, print, and record visitor badges with a single click, view pre-registered visitors and run visitor reports, and create custom badge designs for your organization. The software speeds up visitor registration and impresses guests.

Capabilities of visitor software include:

  • View lists of pre-registered visitors
  • Record and enter visitor information into a database
  • Import employee directory information or use live directory linking
  • Use built-in design wizards to easily create your own custom badge design (with an optional photo capture addon)
  • Create standard or custom reports that can be printed, displayed, or exported
  • And much more!

Visitor management systems are also available and include everything described above as well as a printer for printing the visitor ID badges and a supply of blank adhesive badges. It provides a one-box solution for handling your company’s visitors and promoting a safe working environment.

To meet the varying needs of businesses, schools, and other organizations, there are several editions of visitor management software available for download or shipping. To choose the right option for your specific needs, speak with an AdvantIDge expert.