ID Card Printer Transport Cases

Making an investment in an ID badge printer can be a pretty large expense, even for a large organization. Some organizations, especially school photographers and events management companies, have to travel with the card printers as well, and they need to protect their investment. Wanting to be sure that your company’s hard earned dollars get the mileage they deserve is an easy decision. One affordable way to do just that, especially when travel is part of a printer’s every day life, is to get a protective carrying case. This affordable solution replaces the printer’s original box with a reusable container made to stand up to normal wear and tear for the long term and keep the printer inside safe from the unexpected.

ID card printer transport cases from AdvantIDge have been designed to protect ID card printers in their transport and shipping to demonstrations, off-site photo ID card printing projects, trade shows, emergency and disaster sites and anywhere requiring travel, while also serving to simply protect ID card printers not in use, at any work site from spills, water, dust, smoke, animal hair and other corrosive environmental contaminants.

Integral to emergency management and disaster preparedness solutions, ID card printer transport cases provide a layer of protection to valuable ID card printers, which are often on site to provide instant ID credentialing for the tagging and tracking of first responders and persons on site of an emergency. ID card printer transport cases are important for emergency management systems as they protect ID card printers from such physical hazards as rubble and smoke, and also make them more easily portable for the mobility that is needed within a disaster situation. ID card printer transport cases are approved by manufacturers to extend the life of your ID card printer.

ID Card Printer Transport Case Features:

  • Durability & Construction – Watertight, airtight, dust proof, crushproof, corrosion proof, dent proof, padlock ready and with a Manufacturer’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.
  • Standard Features – Equipped with a retractable tote arm, inset rubber wheels, multiple fold down carrying handles, comfort grips, large ‘Press & Pull’ latches and meets all UPS shipping requirements.
  • Impact Absorbing Foam – Custom tooled to fit your printer’s exact dimensions and weight specifications. Additional cavities allow for consumables, cable and/or a digital ID camera.

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SC-EV-PRM Card Printer Carrying Case for Evolis Primacy

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PTC-FA Card Printer Shipping Case

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