Colored Core ID Cards

AdvantIDge offers you a great variety of colored core plastic PVC ID cards for creating high quality, durable and counterfeit-resistant ID cards and membership badges with your ID card system. Choose from high polish Tan, Red, Light Blue, Blue, Black, Green, Yellow, Orange and Pink colored PVC ID cards that are perfect for membership and loyalty ID card applications.

For VIP or Platinum membership ID cards try using our high polish Metallic Silver, Metallic Lavender, Metallic Copper and Metallic Gold PVC ID cards and with all of our colored core ID cards for best results try using a metallic ID printer ribbon to make your ID cards really stand out.

Creating personalized ID badges unique to your organization ensures that you maintain a higher level of security for your employees and your premises. Sports teams, hospitals and education facilities can all benefit from using colored core ID cards in their facilities, as different colored plastic ID cards can be used to differentiate between various roles. This can make it easier to identify who is who within an organization and facility.

The industry standard size plastic ID cards that are used for printing ID cards on every ID card printer is CR80/30 credit card sized. These plastic cards have a high polish finish, with a graphics quality, vision inspected rating, and are shrink wrapped in a box of 500 to keep them clean for your use. Once a package has been opened always handle blank ID cards with care, as dust and debris can be carried by ID cards into an ID card printer, causing irreparable damage to the printhead.

Fluorescent PVC ID Cards, CR80/30, 500 count

Fluorescent PVC ID Cards, perfect for membership and loyalty card applications. These fluorescent cards are available in a variety of colors: Green, Yellow, Red, Pink, Orange, and Blue. For best results use a monochrome ribbon to make these ID badges really stand out. CR80 size. 30 mil. thickness. Shrink wrapped for protection from dirt and dust. 500 count. Many other colors available upon request. See more Colored Core ID Cards with Advantidge.