Signature Data Capture Devices

All Topaz signature pads come bundled with our powerful photo ID software tools and support for the capture, encryption and storage of electronic signatures.

SigLite and SignatureGem LCD Differences

Since the SigLite and SignatureGem LCD’s capture performance is identical, it may be difficult to see which choice to make. Once you determine the signature volume and the degree of exposure/use of your next signature capture pad, it will be easy to make your purchase decision!

The Topaz SigLite series is a low-cost, pressure-sensitive technology perfect for use in your ID card system. Choose the SigLite when extreme ruggedness is not a major requirement. The Topaz SigLite signature capture pad features a two year warranty.

The Topaz SignatureGem LCD series is based on a high speed and high performance electromagnetic pen and sensor technology that enable you to add electronic signatures to ID cards. It features tempered glass which gives it increased strength and durability. Choose the Topaz SignatureGem LCD signature capture pad for high signature volume applications, and in situations where your signature capture pad will be exposed to the public where it has the potential to be misused. The Topaz SignatureGem LCD is also ideal when simultaneous inking is desired (it loses no accuracy when recording signatures through paper).