ID Card Slot Punches

3943-1601 High Speed Standard Electric ID Card Slot Punch with Foot Switch

MSRP: $1890 each

Our most popular high end electric slot punch available! This standard electric ID card slot punch includes foot switch and adjustable centering guide to reduce stress on your badge issuance team. If you have a high volume application and need to punch each card after printing this is the only product your employees will want to use. Electric powered with 110 VAC cable. Adjustable centering guide. Foot switch. Slot size 1/8″ x 9/16″ (3 x […]

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3943-1510 Heavy Duty Table Top ID Card Slot Punch

MSRP: $278 each

Our most popular slot punch for high volume applications that require durability. This heavy-duty table top ID card slot punch includes an easy pull handle, adjustable centering guide, steel construction and extra wide base. For organizations looking for top value with a slot punch that never gets dull and doesn’t wear out your team, this is the best choice. Adjustable centering guide. Easy pull handle. Extra wide base. Steel construction. Oval slot size 1/8″ x […]

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Deluxe Stapler Style ID Card Slot Punch with Adjustable Guide

MSRP: $58.50 each

Our most popular slot punch for value conscious organizations. The Deluxe stapler-style ID card hole punch with adjustable guide is the top choice. Make punching holes a breeze with this steel- constructed, oval-shaped slot punch. Easily punches holes to display your ID cards on a lanyard, strap clip or retractable badge reel. Also available in a hand held version for lower volume applications. Standard shape slot punch for vertical or horizontal cards. Slot size approximately […]

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