Zebra ZXP Series 8 Dual-Sided Lamination ID Card Printer

MSRP: $7995 each

The Zebra ZXP Series 8 Retransfer ID Card Printer has replaced the P630i and P640i ID card printers.

The Zebra ZXP Series 8 is the first ID card printer on the market to provide secure 802.11b/g wireless capabilities, so you no longer have to locate your printer next to a USB or wired network connection, simply use your wireless network infrastructure for ID card printing—simplifying integration and eliminating the need for costly cable installation. The Zebra ZXP Series 8 wireless option supports 802.11b and 802.11g networks and a wide range of security standards and protocols including Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP,) and advanced Wi-Fi protected access WPA/WPA2 standards.

Zebra’s ZXP Series 8 printer with dual-sided lamination allows you to print wirelessly from anywhere in your facility! Create on-demand ID cards and access control cards where you need them, independent of physical wired network constraints. Speed up the registration process at educational institutions or retail gift card printing operations during peak hours or seasons, print personalized access control, secure bank cards, employee ID cards, national IDs, secure IDs, driver licenses or create temporary ID cards for hospitality, tradeshow, or emergency first response situations.

Delivering best-in-class throughput and unparalleled print speeds, Zebra’s innovative ZXP Series 8 Retransfer Card Printer with dual-sided lamination creates vividly colored plastic ID cards quickly and on-demand. Zebra’s patent-pending simultaneous dual-sided image transfer process applies film to both sides of your cards in a single pass, drastically reducing print time and increasing operational efficiency without sacrificing image quality. Zebra achieves print speeds that far exceed any other retransfer printer, and its image-processing technology compensates for image errors often caused by high print speeds. Wireless ID card printing increases employee productivity, reduces installation costs and increases customer satisfaction with on-site and on-demand ID card printing and minimal IT infrastructure. The ZXP’s wireless printing provides instant return on investment.

With the ZXP’s modular design it’s easy to add a variety of encoding options to your ID card system as they are needed, and with its high reliability the ZXP minimizes ID card printer maintenance needs as well as the total cost of ownership. ZXP Series 8 printers include ZMotif software tools for easy system integration. The Zebra ZXP Series 8 wireless option is available as a factory-installed option only, and ships configured with the specific country code. We offer excellent customer service and free lifetime technical support on all of our printers! Call us today for the best prices! 800-965-5932

The ZXP Series 8 printer is designed to work only with True Colours® i Series™ Zebra ID printer ribbons, Zebra True Colours™ i Series transfer film and Zebra True Secure™ i Series laminates.

Zebra’s ZXP is also available as ZXP Series 8 dual-sided or ZXP Series 8 with single-sided lamination.

Printer Specifications:

Print Method- Retransfer full-color or monochrome, single or dual-sided. True edge-to-edge printing via over-the-edge printing.

Print Speed- 190 cards/hr Single-sided print (YMC), 180 cards/hr Dual-sided print (YMCK).

Print Resolution- 304 dpi (12 dots/mm).

Accepted Card Type- PVC, Composite PVC, ABS, PET, PET-G, Teslin Composite, Specialty cards: transparent, translucent (clear and colored), Technology cards: magnetic stripe, contact smart, contactless smart, UHF RFID.

Accepted Card Size- CR-80 size, ISO 7810 format, Type 1D-1.

Accepted Card Thickness- 30 mil – 40 mil.

Input Hopper Card Capacity 150 card capacity feeder (30 mil).

Output Hopper Card Capacity- 100 card output hopper (30 mil).

Display- 21-character, 6-line LCD operator display.

Software Drivers- Windows drivers: XP, Vista, Server 2003, Windows 7.

Communications Interface- USB V2.0 (standard), 10/100 Ethernet (standard), 802.11 b/g wireless (option).

Memory- 64 MB memory (standard).

Card Encoding Options- Magnetic stripe encoder ISO 7811, 3 tracks, HiCo/LoCo, stripe down, Smart card contact station ISO 7816, Combined MIFARE ISO 14443 (13.56 HHz) contactless and ISO 7816 contact encoder.

Options- Single- or dual-sided lamination, Lockable enclosure, Extended warranty programs.

Dimensions- Width 14″ (356 mm), Depth: 20.4″ (519 mm), Height: 11.9″ (303 mm), Weight: 27.5 lbs (12.5 kg).

Electrical- 100-240V AC and 50-80 Hz. Auto-sensing single-phase AC power.

Warranty- Two year limited printer, and lifetime printhead warranty.

ZXP Datasheet

Zebra ZXP Series 8 Price List 2013

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