Lobby Track Premier Edition Version 7 Photo ID Software for Large Organizations, now incorporates all the current Enterprise Edition features + Access Control Edition Features!


  • Use MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, ODBC
  • Lookup Host Information
  • Check Online and Local Watch Lists
  • NDA Support
  • Host E-mail Notifications
  • Network multiple locations together
  • Import / Export Data and Photos
  • Run in Kiosk Mode
  • Use with Online Registration

Lobby Track Premier Edition Version 7 networks and now includes Jolly Company Server at no extra cost!

Manage Visitors

Lobby Track makes it easy to digitize the paper log book. Know who, where and why each visitor is on your premises.

  • Create professional visitor ID badges
  • Pre-register visitors online
  • Automatically notify host of visitor arrival
Lobby Track Software Premier Edition Version 7

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Manage Members and Equipment

Lobby Track’s flexibility allows you to easily track all members, staff and equipment.

  • Track people and equipment in and out of facilities
  • Check individuals in and out by swiping badges through a magnetic stripe reader
  • Specify logs for employees, contractors and other groups

Track Time and Attendance

Improve the accuracy of your attendance records and customize activity logs for your organization’s needs.

  • Generate time and attendance reports for employees and contractors
  • Label each entry and exit with additional reporting codes
  • Integrate with payroll systems

Secure Your Facility

Boost the security of your facility and maintain control of all access points.

  • Set flexible access policies for multiple locations
  • Get instant notification of potential security risks
  • Check visitors against a watchlist

Lobby Track offers unmatched flexibility and a robust feature set!

Supported Lobby Track Corporate, Enterprise and School Edition customers can upgrade to Premier Version 7 at no additional cost.

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