CardPresso XM Edition ID Card Software

MSRP: $495 each



cardPresso’s XM edition is full of time saving features specifically tailored to meet the needs of medium sized companies and schools that regularly print photo ID cards through enrollment.

We understand that the distinct demands of each industry translate into distinct software needs. XM edition gives you the ability to customize the card printing workflow through script. Let’s imagine you need to customize different levels of permission – like which services a client is entitled to or the circumstances of when a particular student is allowed to leave school premises. Script allows you to assign color and text codes for specific areas of the ID card layout which correspond to permission information stored in your database. The software automatically interfaces with the database to print the appropriate permission color and code on each ID card. This allows your employees to quickly and accurately determine permission simply by glancing at the appropriate area of the card – providing better service and better security.

XM edition also saves you time by interfacing directly with your MS Access or SQLite database to streamline the card production process.

Having up-to-date photos on ID cards is essential, but can make card production time consuming and reduce the efficiency of your enrollment process. XM edition features an automatic face cropping tool designed to eliminate photo editing headaches and save you time in the card production process. Whether you are taking photos on the spot or using uploaded images, cardPresso quickly and efficiently crops the photo according to the definitions of your layout format, keeping your original photos intact while saving you time and eliminating errors in the card production process.

XM edition allows you to incorporate more than 10 different types of 2D barcodes, which encode more information than traditional 1D barcodes.

Full Support

Numerous online tutorials, videos and FAQs are available and CardPresso provides free and responsive technical support. All the CardPresso editions have been tested with Evolis, FARGO and Zebra ID card printers to ensure a perfect compatibility between your ID card system hardware and software equipment!

CardPresso software versions are easily upgradeable with a license key, to accommodate the needs of every ID card printing application!

CardPresso XM Edition Features:

  • Template browser
  • DirectShow image acquisition
  • WIA & TWAIN image acquisition
  • QR codes
  • Barcodes 1D
  • Barcodes 2D
  • FaceCrop
  • Variable objects
  • Open image from file
  • Built-in image editor
  • Image effects
  • Import image from Clipart
  • Database sources
  • Signature acquisition
  • Edit view for text data input
  • Edit view for image input
  • Text edit in card design
  • Database view
  • Print spooler
  • Front & back printing
  • SDK driver printing
  • Ethernet printers support
  • Overlay panel management
  • Batch print
  • XLS, XLSX, CSV & TXT connection
  • Internal database with photo connection – unlimited records
  • Database table create & edit
  • Browse & find records
  • MSAccess & SQLite with photo field
  • Search (Query) records
  • OLE objects & photo on database records
  • Database record selection
  • Magnetic encoding
  • Automatic edition upgrades

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