2137-2045 Earth-Friendly Bamboo Break-Away 3/8″ BLACK ID Neck Lanyard, 100 count

MSRP: $68 each

Part of our newest line of earth-friendly ID card printing products, these BLACK Bamboo ID Neck Lanyards 3/8″ wide and 35″ long are almost identical to your standard nylon or PVC-based ID neck lanyards, but are eco-friendly! Bamboo is a durable, stable and strong fiber, capable of naturally biodegrading in the soil, so these bamboo ID neck lanyards will cause hardly any environmental pollution at all after their use, when they are disposed of properly!

  • Bamboo fibers create soft and comfortable ID neck lanyards that are naturally bacteria-resistant!
  • BLACK Color.
  • 100 per pack.
  • Flat EcoWeave material of 100% bamboo.
  • 3/8″ (10mm) wide.
  • 35″ long.
  • Break-away clip and wide color matched plastic hook to prevent flipping.

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