100% BIODEGRADABLE ID Cards with HICO MagStripe, CR80/30, 500 count

# BIO-Card/Mag Hi
MSRP: $110 each

These 100% biodegradable ID cards with high-coercivity magstripe PVC are just as durable and reliable as traditional PVC ID cards, but without the harmful environmental effects caused by using regular non-biodegradable PVC ID cards. BIO-PVC name badges completely biodegrade within one to five years when disposed of properly*!

BIO-PVC HICO magstripe ID cards hold up within normal, everyday conditions and will not prematurely biodegrade if they are exposed to moisture or UV light, they only biodegrade when in direct contact with microorganisms from for example, the soil, a landfill or compost.

  • 100% BIODEGRADABLE ID cards – blank white CR30/80 with HICO magnetic stripes.
  • 500 count.
*BIO-PVC ID cards will biodegradade only when disposed of in fertile environments where microorganisms are present, such as in compost, waterways, the ocean, dirt, and landfills. BIO-PVC ID cards biodegrade in both aerobic and anaerobic environments as long as they are free to interact with the microorganisms present, so remember to never put BIO-PVC ID cards in plastic non-biodegradable bags when throwing them out! These special eco-friendly name badges will only biodegrade under the conditions specified above, so make sure to dispose of your BIO-PVC ID cards correctly, in order to truly make them an eco-friendly product!

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