pcProx-Mat_0When is comes to security features designed to ensure that only those authorized by your organization are allowed into secure areas, there is a wonderful variety of solutions to help keep your identity workstation secure. AdvantIDge would like to put the spotlight on a new product from RFIdeas; the pcProx Mat.

The pressure sensitive pcProx Mat eliminates the security risks and privacy concerns associated by automatically securing a workstation based on user presence. The mat is designed to be positioned in front of workstations or kiosks, where a user would normally sit or stand. Using pressure sensitive technology, the pcProx Mat is able to automatically detect user presence and enable both logon and log off capabilities. Upon a user’s arrival, the pcProx Mat can be configured to automatically open a logon window to the workstation. Once the user walks away, the mat automatically locks the workstation until the next user arrives. By automating the logon/log off process, the pcProx Mat easily enforces company security policies while providing a cost and energy saving solution.

The pcProx Mat enables automatic workstation lock with no user involvement needed, offering a hands-free, plug-and-play application that enables energy efficiency, integrates with existing security, and uses keyboard interface technology.

Benefits include:

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