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NiSCA & SwiftColor

NiSCA printers have been producing high-quality, full-color plastic cards for corporations, education, and government organizations since 1994. NiSCA continues to be a leader in the identification card printing marketplace, offering a broad product line from plastic card printers to document scanning systems. The company's ability to manufacture many of its required components is critical to their quality control, success and reliability.

With the SwiftColor line, high-speed inkjet printing is capable of producing oversized badges in seconds. This has become the industry standard for high profile events, professional sports and other applications where larger credentials are expected.

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NiSCA’s commitment to quality has provided many of our clients with reliable solutions they require for identity management. At ADVANTIDGE, we value trusted and proven quality that delivers peace of mind to our clients. We stand behind the products we sell with expert support so that we can serve industries across the board, meeting the needs of today while planning for tomorrow.

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Our brand partners trust us to deliver the right solutions for our clients' specific applications. With decades of combined industry knowledge, they know we will only recommend the best products for optimal outcomes.


Our value is created through dialogue—asking smart questions, listening, understanding, and offering expert advice. We only recommend solutions that suit you, meeting the needs of today while planning for tomorrow.

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Major Baseball Organization Wins With Oversized ID Printers

A Major Baseball Organization has teamed up with AdvantIDge to fulfill their need for instant card printing using SwiftColor Oversized ID card Printers. The league has 18 teams throughout North America and installed printing stations with each team to issue media credentials onsite...


Upgraded Support Options for SwiftColor Printers

The SwiftColor Oversized ID Card Printer features single-pass efficiency for the printing of large, high-quality credentials that commonly use 3.5” x 5.5” sized cards. Starting May 2019 additional support options will be available for SwiftColor printers with the goal of offering greater benefits to users...