The National Football League (NFL) is taking advantage of RFID technology, with its installation of Zebra Technologies’ real-time location system (RTLS) movement tracking and motion capture application, to be used live in 17 U.S. stadiums during the 2014 NFL season, including the stadiums that host Thursday Night Football games. The new system works to within 6 feet, both indoors and out, to track the real-time movements of NFL players and officials from all 32 teams.

The “Next Gen Stats” produced by this technology are a result of communications between RFID readers located throughout a stadium, and the radio-frequency identification (RFID) transmitters in players’ shoulder pads, which compile precise location-based data about players’ positions, acceleration rates and total distances run during games. The collected info will be available to fans, allowing them closer than ever to the action of the game, and to NFL management and team members as valuable real-time data which can enhance strategizing and improve the game.

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