Improve Operations Using Smart Readers to Authenticate, Identify, and Control Access to Information using Prox, Contactless and Bluetooth ALL-IN-ONE

AdvantIDge introduces the new pcProx® Plus BLE, a dual frequency programmable card reader with Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology that reads proximity contactless smart cards and Bluetooth-enabled devices ALL in one reader. Using either an employee badge or a Bluetooth® enabled device such as smartphones, tablets or beacons, medical staff can quickly authenticate to access critical information, manage staff attendance, control access to medication, locate equipment, confirm proper room temperature and more.

You can quickly determine the location of equipment such as laptops, firearms, wheelchairs or even the location of key medical personnel. Control access to ePrescribe applications with multi-factor authentication, enable single sign-on or fast attendance tracking, and even find the nearest secure printer – all this using pcProx® Plus BLE reader as part of your application.

The latest dual frequency reader is the next evolution in identification and access control, allowing healthcare staff to access and authenticate critical information using smartphones and tablets along with traditional employee badges.



• Staff authentication and single sign-on

• Pharmaceutical inventory control
• Healthcare “find me” demand printing

• Asset location tracking
• Structured access to patient data – HIPAA
• Controlled medication kits, trays and cabinets management


Use Cases

• Instant identification and authentication using either your mobile device or employee ID badge
• Mix and match pcProx Plus and pcProx Plus BLE readers in the same system
• Find the nearest or best multi-function printer leveraging mobile phone and printers with BLE readers
• Beacon sends room temperature data to backend network via the pcProx Plus BLE
• Use Bluetooth device and ID badge with Bluetooth reader for two-factor authentication


Add Even More Capability to Your Facility Access and Control Reader-Based Systems:

Staff now has access to better information when a solution brings together pcProx Plus BLE readers, beacons for tracking items such as wheelchairs or IV poles as they are moved throughout a hospital, applications for tracking or locationing, and the backend network.

Think of the nurse who taps her ID badge at the Bluetooth reader which is connected via USB to the computer. That same Bluetooth reader enables the capture of additional information from beacons, mobile phones or badges to be passed, almost as a gateway, to the backend network. More information is collected for better decision-making and workflow improvement. One reader does it all. And the best news is the new pcProx Plus BLE readers integrate into existing pcProx Plus reader-based systems, so the migration path is smooth.

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