Healthcare facilities continue to see an increase in the number of individuals seeking treatment, requiring staff to take on more responsibilities. Every minute that can be saved is crucial and with an effective Single Sign-On solution in place, some healthcare facilities have reported saving as much as 25 hours per week per employee!  With USB prox card readers, you can take advantage of an improved workflow without comprising security.

These benefits don’t just apply to the healthcare industry either. The time spent maintaining any employee check in or visitor management system is money your company can be saving by being sure the process is as efficient and streamlined as possible. That is where our complete line of RFID card readers as well as all of our products for personalized identification and card issuance can help.

Our line of  proximity card readers is highly customizable and offers numerous form factors and configuration options optimized to meet your specific deployment needs. For those looking to maximize their ROI, the pcProx Plus reader offers support for over 45 different credentials including iCLASS and NFC support, along with the full array of customizable options with USB connections.

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