ADVANTIDGE has partnered with the best identity management manufacturers in the world. Not only do they create leading identity issuance technology, they also work to have a positive impact on the lives of others.

This month, we decided to highlight the ways our partners give to emphasize the importance of being a good company and how they contribute to their communities for a better future.

Zebra Technologies: Helping At-Risk Children through Literacy

ADVANTIDGE has been a Zebra-Authorized Service Provider (ZASP) for more than a decade, offering and servicing their range of ID printing and tracking technology. Zebra’s industry-leading scanners allow for rapid scanning of barcode IDs and more. Interestingly, the team at Zebra found a unique way to apply their technology in support of a local nonprofit’s efforts in setting a world record.

Zebra partnered with Bernie’s Book Bank to provide a record 144,000 books to children in low-income neighborhoods.

In the past, Zebra has contributed volunteer hours and cash donations to the Chicago-based nonprofit dedicated to providing quality books to at-risk children. Recently, they had a new idea: a technology donation that would streamline the book bank’s organizational processes, building on efficiency and allowing them to do even more of what they do.

The result was a book pyramid made of enough books to provide 1,000 children with 12 new books a year for 12 years. In low-income neighborhoods where one book exists for every 300 children, and 61% of homes do not have a single children’s book, Bernie’s Book Bank makes a huge difference and, now even more so with Zebra’s help.

Watch this video for the full story:

Evolis: Feeding the Hungry in Yemen & Venezuela

Evolis creates one of ADVANTIDGE’s most reliable ID card printers: the Primacy. In addition to manufacturing technology which creates greater efficiency and security for businesses, their employees help to feed children in impoverished nations. Evolis implemented a new giving-back program that united its international offices in a holistic effort to help others.

This summer, Evolis challenged their employees to collect one red object per person, representative of their bright red logo. Like a worldwide scavenger hunt, each red object would convert into a donation of 10 euros per item.

Zebra Technologies Gives Back

The employees from Evolis North America, Latin America, France, Singapore, India, China, and Japan came together collecting a total of 250 red objects. The result: 2,500 euros donated to two separate programs: ACTED Yemen and One Milk for Venezuela. One Milk for Venezuela focuses on providing baby formula and food to underprivileged families in  South America’s poorest country. In Venezuela, 10.2% of the children below 5 years of age are severely malnourished. The average monthly wage can only pay for 3.3% of basic consumer goods.

To learn more about our partners, visit our partner page. To learn how ADVANTIDGE gives back, click here.

You can check out Bernie’s Book Bank, ACTED Yemen and One Milk for Venezuela via their websites.

We are here to help you find a better way.