Evolis Card PrintersStarting from today, benefit from a price reduction on the SO-KO ribbon!

For banking and retail markets, the silver and black SO-KO* ribbon is used for blank or pre-printed cards, and can be used to create premium membership and loyalty cards, or even payment cards. Help your customers to stand out from the competition!

Payment cards

Ideal for financial card issuance solutions, the SO-KO ribbon is the only consumable available on the market to personalize pre-printed payment cards with dark background and at the time to offer a protective overlay on both sides of the card in conformity with international card network requirements.

Membership card printing and loyalty cards

Cards can be customized according to your design:

* SO-KO (Silver/Overlay – Black/Overlay): double-sided ribbon, silver + varnish for the front of the card and black + varnish for the back.
The Silver panel is recommended against dark colors (navy blue, dark green, black, etc.).

Product information and usage requirements

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