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Magicard’s reputation for differentiated products and innovation is underpinned by its experienced team of UK-based expert engineers. Magicard printers are trusted to print millions of secure ID cards annually for corporations, schools, government entities and infrastructure facilities throughout the world. Applications range from membership, physical and logical access control cards to secure IDs such as drivers' licenses and national ID cards with a combination of direct-to-card, retransfer and laser engraving printers.

Magicard’s commitment to innovation aligns with our promise to provide our clients with the latest and greatest products in identity management. With Magicard’s trusted and proven technology and ADVANTIDGE’s consultative approach and expertise, we are certain we can help each of our clients find a better way.

Innovative Solutions

Our mission is to find a better way. We are natural learners and strategic thinkers, continually exploring innovative and proven technologies to find solutions for our clients' most complex security challenges.


Our value is created through dialogue—asking smart questions, listening, understanding, and offering expert advice. We only recommend solutions that suit you, meeting the needs of today while planning for tomorrow.

Trusted & Proven

Our brand partners trust us to deliver the right solutions for our clients' specific applications. With decades of combined industry knowledge, they know we will only recommend the best products for optimal outcomes.


Staffing Agency Installs ID System For Onsite Issuance of Employee ID Cards

A local staffing agency came to ADVANTIDGE needing a solution for tracking hundreds of employees across many different job locations. Our team learned that they needed to be able to print ID cards onsite and to issue cards quickly so that new hires could report to work...


5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Legacy ID System

Determining when to upgrade a legacy ID system can be a challenge while meeting the demands of modern business. How can you determine when to prioritize an upgrade before your system becomes inoperable? At ADVANTIDGE, we give our clients peace of mind, knowing they’ve made the best choice at the right time.