CA Student ID Cards Require Domestic Violence and Suicide Prevention Hotlines

July 17, 2020 •

SB-972 and more recently SB-316 require student ID cards to include information for domestic violence support and suicide prevention. Updated…


Safely Manage Workplace Visitors During COVID-19

July 29, 2020 • , , ,

Safely manage workplace visitors during COVID-19 with these 5 helpful tips for employers and administrators.  Adaptation is the keyword for…


How to Implement Temperature Screening at your Organization

June 19, 2020 • , ,

Here are 5 factors to consider when implementing temperature screening at your organization. Determining how to effectively implement temperature screening…


ADVANTIDGE Serves Homeless Veterans through PATH LA

December 16, 2019 •

Last month, we gave new meaning to how we help others find safety and security while serving homeless veterans in…

Product News

The Best ID Printer for 2020

December 9, 2019 •

What is the best ID printer for 2020? Our team shares their top pick for the year ahead. We asked…

Case Studies

Massive Healthcare System Seamlessly Integrates Safer Access Control

May 1, 2019 • , , , ,

A world-class hospital and healthcare organization turned to ADVANTIDGE requiring safer access control. We created a plan with top-of-the-line smart…

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3 Ways to Ensure Safe Back-to-Work Procedures

June 9, 2020 , , , ,

In the weeks ahead, organizations will be creating safe back-to-work procedures in the post-COVID-19 environment and establishing the “new normal”. As we work to ensure safety for employees, visitors, and customers, it will be imperative to identify and monitor everyone who is requesting access to your facility. Relying on a variety of on-premise solutions is… View Article

5 Key Benefits of Contactless Key Cards

April 22, 2020 , , ,

Here are five ways contactless key cards can help your organization run more intelligently, and with greater efficiency.  With the current global health crisis impacting businesses large and small, everything we touch in the workplace becomes a cause for concern. For those looking for a better way to secure their premises, a contactless key card… View Article

Top 5 Eco-Friendly ID Cards and Printing Supplies

April 15, 2020 , , , ,

Eco-Friendly ID cards and supplies are an easy, cost-effective way to set your business on a more sustainable path. In 2020, more businesses are looking to foster greater sustainability than ever before. The more organizations are able to implement eco-responsible products and best practices into daily operations, the better the outcome for the planet in… View Article

3 Simple Ways to Boost Hospital Visitor Management

April 3, 2020 , , ,

Even amid a global health crisis, hospitals can increase the security of their hospital visitor management system in three simple ways.  In a matter of weeks, hospitals across the globe have been stretched to the brink by the COVID-19 crisis. As they work to limit the virus’s exposure to patients and staff, identifying and monitoring… View Article


Safely Continuing Our Service Through COVID-19

March 23, 2020 ,

Updated Wednesday, May 13 at 10:30 am As we adapt to the “new normal” caused by the Covid-19 crisis, it is clear that safety, security and trusted identities are more important than ever. Knowing who is entering your building, campus or facility, and implementing a screening process for coronavirus exposure is the expectation, not the… View Article

Prox Cards: Physical Access Control’s Weakest Link

March 17, 2020 ,

In the wrong hands, your employees’ proximity ID cards are a major liability. It’s easier than ever before to clone prox cards, physical access control’s current weakest link for security. Visit Rite-Aid on National Blvd, a few blocks from one of LA’s busiest freeways, and you’ll notice a bright yellow kiosk with “COPY KEYS” in… View Article

Top 3 Fastest ID Card Printer Systems on the Market

March 13, 2020 , ,

Finding the fastest ID card printer that meets your specific application requirements can be a challenge. Your operating system, card technology, and durability requirements will all determine the type of printer suited to your organization. With speed being a top factor in ID card issuance, several top manufacturers have created ID card printers that break… View Article

The Key to Building an Inclusive Culture: Empathy

March 3, 2020 ,

By Brittney Carter  ADVANTIDGE’s Customer Success Director shares insight on the value of a diverse workforce and how to successfully build an inclusive culture: empathy and listening.  With ADVANTIDGE’s pledge to achieve workplace equality, our recent discoveries have led us to understand that diversity and inclusion are far beyond gender and race. Organizations, in recent… View Article

The Culture of Security: Interview with Holley Hunt

February 25, 2020 ,

Last month we had the privilege of connecting with Holley Hunt, Director of Business Development at a Global Security Integrator. With more than a decade’s experience in leadership roles at top physical security firms, Hunt’s perspective is holistic, founded upon an authentic passion for securing our most valuable assets.  For Hunt, her most valuable assets… View Article

A Veterinarian Association Finds Greater Security with Visitor Management

February 18, 2020 ,

When a multinational veterinarian association came to ADVANTIDGE for a comprehensive visitor management solution for their headquarters, we were ready to help them find a better way—both for their staff and the pets they care for.  Corporate Profile: With 24 years of experience, the veterinary association believes that veterinary medicine is best practiced when local… View Article