The addition of the lamination assembly module for the Evolis Primacy greatly expanded the security options available for those who already own the excellent printer from Evolis. Many AdvantIDge clients have already been enjoying the speed and affordability of the popular model, and the field upgradeable option of making laminating available has expanded the versatility of the model.

Alternate laminate types are now possible on Primacy Lamination, making the a full range of options available.

Primacy with attached Lamination

Primacy owners that use more that one laminate type can save time and the hassle of having to switch out laminating consumable types every time they need to issue a different type of card. Through the use of two lamination modules, one behind another. This allows the use of two totally different types of laminating films on each side of the card. For instance, you could have a full patch at the front and a mag cut at the back, but also a different thickness on each side, or a hologram on one side and not on the other.

For those who are looking for other options on how to get the safety and security of a lamination patch for their new systems and don’t require the extra step of field upgradability, AdvantIDge has an even wider range of options for you. Here are just a few of the other great offerings from AdvantIDge that include laminating as a security option:

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