The challenge every healthcare organization must overcome is maintaining a secure and safe environment that also feels open and caring. Between a steady flow of staff, patients, visitors and contractors, hospital administrators are required to identify who is accessing where, efficiently and hospitably. Our team of experts helps to close the gap on efficiency and security so healthcare professionals can focus on doing what they do best: caring for their patients.

A Complete ID Solution for Healthcare

As interest in securing hospital facilities becomes greater, so has the importance of implementing a turnkey visitor management ID system for your hospital or health care center. Whether you have one single lobby entrance or multiple entry points for visitors and employees to your building, or if you even have multiple buildings within a compound providing health care services, a visitor tracking solution can be customized for your organization, featuring photo ID software and hardware components that specifically meet your needs and budget.

Impactful Visitor Management

One of the most basic components of a secure ID system to provide immediate security is the auto expiring visitor badge which functions on its own, without requiring the use of additional software to identify authorized visitors to your facility. Once a visitor has remained on-site for their allotted and approved amount of time within your facility, be that 4 hours or one week, their expiring visitor badge will show as being expired with one of several designs. This easily applied security measure is an important aspect in helping to manage the busy flow of people within a healthcare facility.

Customizable Visitor Badges

We encourage our health care clients to incorporate color coding on identification badges, perhaps through the use of a badge buddy, so that patients can clearly identify who are members of the staff, with different colors denoting doctors, nurses, technicians and administrative personnel. Conversely, identification badges worn by patients and visitors serve to inform hospital staff members as to which people are authorized patients and visitors of the facility.

Replace Paper Filing with Smart Technology

Using smartcards to hold patient identification information and health history can greatly improve the speed and accuracy of a patient’s care by replacing paper files with advanced and improved technologies..

On-site Issuance of Oversized Employee Badges

One alternative to badge buddies is to use an oversized ID card printer to print your own employee badges. This allows full control over the badge making process, as opposed to using pre-printed cards such as Badge Buddies. Choose your own color scheme, job titles, and other relevant information to display on the oversized ID cards, while also reducing the number of badges doctors and nurses carry around. An oversized ID card printer may also be beneficial to your organization by providing a way to create badges for medical training and events.


No two healthcare centers have the exact same security requirements. Our team works closely with medical administrators to determine the best identity management system for their unique processes. The result is a custom-tailored solution that meets the needs of today while planning for tomorrow.

Trusted & Proven

Major healthcare systems across the nation trust us to deliver reliable identity management solutions for the most complex requirements. With a deep knowledge of healthcare compliance and security best practices, we provide expert guidance for optimal outcomes.

Confidence Delivered

Hospitals and medical facilities cannot take unnecessary risks with any aspect of security protocol. Our award-winning solutions ensure your peace of mind knowing 40 years of combined expertise has your best interest at the forefront of their service. Let us help you find a better way for a more secure and efficient future.


Massive Healthcare System Seamlessly Integrates Safer Access Control

A large health care organization with 10,000+ personnel and 1,000+ access points came to ADVANTIDGE requiring a higher level of security than their proximity system could offer. Our experts were able to provide an impactful solution with next-level access control technology.


Healthcare Solutions for HIPAA & Automation

Many hospitals and healthcare facilities that are HIPAA compliant are still looking for ways to enhance the security of their records and increase automation using employee ID badges. ADVANTIDGE provides a full line of proximity and contactless HIPAA compliant readers to keep organizations on top of their compliance requirements in the digital world.