Events Management

event managementEvents Management ID card systems from AdvantIDge provide solutions for creating your own custom high-security access control at events and gatherings of any size. They supply all of the necessary components you’ll need to create and host successful, organized, safe custom events from pre-planning, to event actualization and through to post-event data analysis of attendance reports and marketing leads captured throughout the event.

With AdvantIDge events management ID card systems register your attendees ahead of time online, or when they arrive on-site using self-registration kiosks or registration welcome tables. You can verify attendee and staff identities with ID card scanners that read and pull information directly from driver’s licenses and/or business cards when swiped, and after verifying their identities print personalized event ID cards on the spot, allowing your guests instant authorized access! Pre-print event ID badges ahead of time to speed up the personalization process when printing bulk quantities of a single template, and add barcodes, magnetic stripes or smart card technologies for various levels of additional security!

If you’d like to produce super-sized ID badges for your events, choose an oversized ID card printer system for event management. Oversized ID badges feature a larger surface area for printing on, and display more clearly the photos, text and images on ID badges, so your security team can easily identify the attendees, staff, V.I.P.s, etc. at your event, even in large crowds.

Events which take place over a large area with expansive grounds or multiple facilities, entrances and exits can be securely monitored when all in attendance wear a personalized ID badge featuring the unique design corresponding to the level of entry they are permitted. Keep certain areas of your event closed to general attendance if you choose, so they are off-limits to all but pre-authorized persons carrying the correct credentials, or keep everything open to all, it’s up to you!

For security and data purposes, during the event track the movements of attendees and staff throughout the site. You can monitor attendance at breakout sessions and seminars, compile attendance numbers and watch the entrances and exits, even when events take place throughout multiple locations. When RFID smart card technologies are used together with portable ID card scanners, tablets or mobile devices you can stay up to date on event security with up-to-the-moment details.

AdvantIDge events management ID card solutions give you full control over the security of your event! To learn how your organization can benefit from an events management ID card solution from AdvantIDge call us today at 800-965-5932. We provide excellent customer service!