A High-End Cinema Group based in Los Angeles has made it their mission to create the best movie-going environment. With reserved seating, unique programming, community events, and a bar to enjoy a glass of wine, theater customers enjoy next-level service. 

But none of these thoughtful details stand out without customer loyalty, and most of all, without safety. 

ADVANTIDGE worked with cinema employees and its parent company to improve the process of connecting with customers to build loyalty, and how they identify their staff to foster greater security. 

Company Profile:

The theater group’s parent company reached out to our team at ADVANTIDGE in 2018. The corporation owns a majority of the cinemas in the Greater Los Angeles Area. Across their 20 locations, cinema staff prints employee IDs and customer membership cards for their growing member base. 

As such, the corporation and its subsidy cinemas cannot afford to have a single card printer out of service. 

So what happens when a card printer needs immediate support? And what if a reliable resource for ID printer repairs and maintenance isn’t readily available? When businesses can’t afford for their card printers to be down, having expert support a quick phone call away is vital. 

The Challenge:

The cinemas needed card printer repair support with several of their Evolis Primacy printers. When they called their ID solutions provider for time-sensitive support, their provider did not respond to their queries. This left theater staff unable to print membership cards for their loyal customers. In addition, new employees were not able to receive adequate badging. 

To make matters more challenging, cinema staff was using another card design software from their former vendor which was highly complicated for their simple designs. 

They needed a new solution. 

The Solution: 

The cinema group needed an identity management service provider to give them priority, same-day support when their printers went down. When they connected with our team, our account manager Sheril Smith was able to provide an impactful solution:

“I was able to explain in detail how our priority support packages work and gave them confidence that we will be able to support them when they needed it most. They bought 19 of our Silver Support packages for their multiple locations. They have been renewing them every year,” Sheril said. 

Through their Silver Support packages, the theaters receive priority same-day phone support, annual repair and/or maintenance from our certified repair center, and access to our expert team when they need it. 

In addition to ongoing support, we equipped them with several backup card printers so they are prepared should any technical issues arise. 

“It has helped them tremendously, as they were able to get access directly to our tech team without having to go to a middle person. Hence, they are able to save on time when a printer is down.”


ADVANTIDGE is the theater group’s one-stop-shop for all things card printing, including supplies and software. 

“We are their full service and solutions provider, making sure they have what they need when they need it. We have supported them with a new software for card design and printing as their initial program was very complicated. Their designs are very simple and they wanted something easy to use, so I recommended CardPresso which has been working well for them,” Sheril said. 

ADVANTIDGE created a supportive, streamlined experience for the cinemas and their parent company. We provided phone support and in-house repairs. We’ve identified key contacts at each location to make sure everything is operating smoothly, and repairs are made quickly. 

So next time you see a movie remember the work going on “behind the scenes” that enables you to experience the magic of movie-going that is memorable. 

At ADVANTIDGE we take a consultative approach to help our customers find a better way—tailored to their unique needs. Let us support you with your identity management solutions, today and for the future. Contact us today