Jolly Technologies, the world leader in photo ID software, announces the release of version 5.2 of ID Flow and Lobby Track. This release has the ability to render QR barcodes in all editions. Lobby Track 5.2 Enterprise Edition has the ability to store non-disclosure agreements to a file folder as well as require a person’s signature during check in and check out.

A QR (Quick Response) barcode can contain information about a person or item derived from a database record, can be printed on ID cards, badges or labels and can be read by QR code readers and smart phones. The decoded information can be displayed on-screen or used to automatically populate forms. Jolly envisions popular uses of the technology will be for ID verification, ticketing, tradeshows, and other applications that benefit from the fast transfer of personal information

“With the emergence of useful barcode scanner applications on smart phones, support for QR code has become a popular request,” said Brett Changus, VP Engineering at Jolly. “Improving our products by listening to customer requests has always been a guiding principle at Jolly and we’re pleased to be able to deliver QR code today.”

In other barcode-related developments, Lobby Track Online Registration Module now supports sending registration confirmation e-mails with barcodes. When a visitor or attendee is pre-registered in Lobby Track, a confirmation e-mail is generated and sent to the visitor with the visit details and a barcode to be used for fast check-in.

Signature capture at check in and out is a means for validating that the actual cardholder is checking in and out. It is a deterrent to “buddy-swipes” and is primarily for time and attendance applications. Lobby Track now has the ability to store each signature to a file folder so that there’s an audit trail.

The version 5.2 release is available now and the upgrade is free to supported customers. Non-supported customers may obtain the new release for an upgrade fee.

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