Corporate 1000

proximity readerAlthough the technology available in the form of proximity cards is definitely a reliable way to ensure that an access card can’t be duplicated, sometimes large, or high risk organizations need a higher level of protection. Proximity card technology is extremely difficult to steal and duplicate, as described on our proximity card page in the Learning Center. The various codes and numbers programmed onto those cards, called credentials, aren’t typically policed or monitored. This means that duplications, where two different organizations share some, or all of the same credentials is certainly possible.

For almost 20 years, HID Global  and AdvantIDge have offered services through this program that enable end-users to have chain-of-custody control for their credential orders and assurance that credential numbers will not be duplicated. The popularity of the program has made it necessary for us to introduce a new format that expands the number of customers we can service and increases the range of credential numbers supported.

Beginning March, 2015, HID Global introduced a new Corporate 1000 format referred to as “Corporate 1000 – 48”. All end-users who register for the Corporate 1000 program after February, 2015 will be issued a unique Company ID in the new Corporate 1000 – 48 format.

The original 35-bit Corporate 1000 format will now be referred to as “Corporate 1000 – 35”. Those end-users who have been issued a unique Company ID in the Corporate 1000 – 35 format can continue to order credentials without interruption or change. Introduction of the new format will not impact or affect customers who registered for the program under the original structure.

The unique feature of the Corporate 1000 format is its ownership rights:

  • Your organization has complete control over the use of their individual format.
  • HID only sells Corporate 1000 cards to user-authorized resellers.
  • Each Corporate 1000 customer is guaranteed that its format is unique.
  • Each customer is guaranteed a minimum of one million cards available in their format.
  • Each customer is provided with strict confidential protection.

As always, AdvantIDge support is available to address technical queries from OEM development partners. Contact us for more information on how the Corporate 1000 program can help you achieve your security and access control objectives.

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